A.R. Maarek,

Philosopher, poet, political pundit, observer, film critic, writer, thinker, drinker and sometimes a stinker.

Loves studying practical philosophy and exercising academic philosophising, let the wine flow, the discussions be fruitful and extensive. Open to new ideas and revisiting / redeveloping old ones.

Is an avid people watcher both crowds and individuals observing the fantastic, the absurd with everything in between that we humans and environment have to offer. Planet earth is our home and our landlady, Mother Nature, has a wicked sense of humour!

Has often thought, did drink lead him to think and write, or did thought and jotted word lead him to drink?

Encouragement to start writing came from a dear friend who told him to “get it down on paper”, becoming mutual muses, their creative bond is unique, both being artist and inspiration for each other.

Absorb and appreciate all life has to offer, the bad to grow, the good to enjoy.