Not my Mayor

Radical islamist apologist Sadiq Khan,
Is the Englandistan’s mayor of Londonabad.
A man of the people? It makes me wonder,
With his kowtowing it makes me chunder.

Never representing the majority,
Rather supporting the terrorist minority.
He’s shown his true hatred colours,
His planned invasion cuckold to his mulsim brothers.

Time to quit, time to stand down,
Let England have back its Capital town.
Leave non-muslims alone, we’ll do the same,
Long forgotten but wasn’t peace and unity the main aim?


Then again with taqiyya who the fuck can tell,
All a bunch of lies casting that ‘trust’ spell.
Stop the tolerance, stop turning the other cheek,
In this time, land will not be inherited by the meek.

All that’s understood is strength, acquiring power by being ultra violent,
We Westerners have had enough, we will no longer be silent.
The rallying cry has fallen on deaf ears in the past that’s for sure,
Not so now, we’re ready and we will settle this score.



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